1.1 Release with Vertibird Travel

The newest version has several bugfixes and also introduces Vertibird travel. The Vertibird, that must be repaired first, can be found in Stansbury Bay. Also, there is a major change in this release regarding the mod starting point. It’s no longer required to complete or even access Honest Hearts. Instead Floyd’s Camp is now located near Goodsprings. I made this change, because not everybody wants to play Honest Hearts and it decreased the accessibility of the mod a lot. Now it’s completely independent from Honest Hearts and it works better in my opinion.

1.09 Released

The mod release is now half a year ago. I needed to get some distance to the work, so I haven’t done anything regarding modding ever since.
Currently I’m doing another playthrough of my mod and see if I can find any additional bugs to fix, so at the end of my playthrough I’m going to create a final patch. So far, I wasn’t able to find a lot of bugs. However, there was an issue with auto display of objectives, that I found annoying enough to create a quick fix for it. If you’re suffering from this bug, you can fix it this way: Before installing the mod, save your game on the travel map. Now log out, install the patch and reload your game. Auto objectives shouldn’t popping up anymore every 10 sec. Next Patch will come in maybe 1-2 month or so. Thanks to everybody, who enjoyed this mod so far and donated for it.

One Week after release

Around one week has passed since the mod was released. A few patches were necessary to eliminate bugs, but the current version 1.05 should be solid and I hope I can decrease the patch intervals from now on. My thanks to everybody, who reported bugs and helped me this way to improve the experience for everyone.

Site Launch

This is the website for the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas Mod Salt Lake Stories. It will be released early 2018. Until then, I’ll try to put all necessary information about the mod on this website.