11-11-2018 v1.09

  • Fixed bug with auto objective display.
  • Fixed bug with Mickey’s Guard Topic appearing at the wrong time.

    03-09-2018 v1.08

  • Fixed issue with Rum and Meat Quest.
  • Increased the 80s counter to start Kill Objective to 5.

    03-06-2018 v1.07

  • Changed Will Maxton not to be a Coward anymore.
  • Fixed Bug in Trigger of Duplicate Quest, that cause Frozen Souls Quest to start.
  • Tucker don’t use his sleep line anymore while breakfasting.
  • Fixed Object Issue in Tango Sierra A.
  • Delayed Return of Warriors if you free them before traveling to Claw Peak.
  • Moved Claw Peak Canyon Entrance Map Marker a bit.

    03-04-2018 v1.06

  • Added more quest topics and info on the Goliath Quest to make it more obvious how to solve it.
  • Added scripts to solve the Goliath Quest, if you kill him with common methods.

    03-02-2018 v1.05

  • Added new Voice Over for Mudd Hardtcourt.
  • Added Stormsounds at Frozen Creek.
  • Fixed issue with ending 80s Quest if you side with Cat.
  • Fixed issue with Scorpion Quest couldn’t be completed.
  • Fast Travel no more possible during Flight from Frozen Creek.
  • Added lines for the Mudds in BT.
  • Added line for Marduk, so his Quest is missed less likely.
  • Added change to support Skip Zion ESP.
  • Revisited some Vendor inventories.
  • LeChuck sleeps now lesser hours.
  • Fixed an issue, that would allow to travel out of Zion before Mainquest was completed.
  • Fixed an issue, that you couldn’t leave Dialogue of Smike after Unas was killed.

    02-28-2018 v1.04

  • Fixed issue with completeing the kill all 80s Quest.

    02-27-2018 v1.03

  • Fixed to set variable after got rumors about Hinkey Pete from Sam.
  • Fixed Jackie Repair Skills.
  • Fixed Issues with Companions during End-Slides.
  • Fixed Issues with enabling companions after travel.
  • Goliath don’t use a weapon anymore during the fight.
  • Fixed Floyd’s different voice levels (assets update).

    02-26-2018 v1.02

  • Fixed issue with sleep deprivation after traveling for a while.
  • Non-hardcore players are not affected anymore by sleep deprivation after traveling.
  • Changed the way how locations are entered to increase stability.
  • Added free beds to all locations for hardcore players.

    02-25-2018 v1.01

  • Removed two not required Honest Hearts entries to increase compability.
  • Added messages if the player get new perks and recipes.
  • Removed book restore recipes because they didn’t work like intended.
  • Fixed some dialogue condition issues.
  • Fixed a few smaller issues reported by FNVEdit.
  • Add Force Stop Combat Script for Floyd after the Endslides.

    02-24-2018 v1.00

  • first released version.