Thank you to everybody, who allowed me to use his assets in my mod. I’ve tried to list everybody, but due to the very long development circle, some of the resources aren’t available online anymore or their creators disappeared or I couldn’t find the resource link anymore. At some point I got permission to use all the assets, but it’s long time ago. Some of the assets I’ve no clue where I got them from, because most of them were added 7-8 years ago and some documentation about it got lost. Please provide me a note, if you find an asset, that was used without being listed here and I’ll add it to the credits and will also try to contact the owner about it.

Modname Author
Motorcycle Replacer Ajax120
Tommy Gun David Riggs
Rags to Riches Richwizard
Hand Saw – Modders Resource bilarion
Its a Dogs World – Dogmeat Overhaul Nivea
Sheogorad – Forsaken Isles ALPHA Phitt
Custom Winchester 1873 Lever action rifle bloodmeat08
Caustic Shotgun PineappleSurprise
Wasters Scarf 2_0 Urge
Tailor Maid – NV sin7188 and VerbalEarthworm
Old Western Buildings Bobio567
Dry Canyon TrickyVein
Strotis static meshes Printingpress Stroti
KORs Mounted Heads Resource Kewin568
Death Canyon v3 AbsoluteDesign666
Gypsy Outfits V5 azarkiowa
PE Dress for Type3 Backsteppo
DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body dimon99
Wasteland Flora Overhaul vurt
Real Smokes TRoaches
trailer park trailer home harryluck
Brass Gauge Modders Resource lordinquisitor
Zenith 5S319 Radio Modders Resource lordinquisitor
Zippos V1_3 – Modders Resource lordinquisitor
Workshop Tools – Soldering Irons Modders Resource lordinquisitor
Bone Furniture Modders Resource V1_1 lordinquisitor
Workshop Tools – Pliers Modders Resource lordinquisitor
Analog Meter Modders Resource lordinquisitor
Elsweyr – The Deserts of Anequina Illiana
Strotis static meshes Printingpress stroti
Meos Settlement – Resource meo3000
Vault 13 and Vault 15 by Cliffworms Quetzlsacatanango
Brawler Outfit adam2kl4u
RMF3 Brawler Body Resource Rocketlombax
BEWARE OF GIRL Ghoulisly Gross Ghoul Skin replacer NV BlackBlossom
Alsatian Rex Hibernian
Brahmin Variant Lexx
Dumpling Scorpions SimpyOhSo
Pittraider replacer for Type3 Exeter
Point Lookout outfits for Type 3 Exeter