Salt Lake Stories takes place in the area around the Great Salt Lake. On a unique designed travel map you can discover 15 mini-worldspaces, 100 interiors and 38 quests. This mod also holds over 50,000 voiced words of dialogue lines.

These locations, quests and dialogues tell you the Story of the area around the Great Salt Lake. It was partly inspired by Van Buren Design Documents and was made as a homage to the old Fallout titles. The playing experience is supposed to reflect this and action sequences are scarce. You will be able to complete most of the quests without fire your gun once, but violence will fulfill your goals also in most cases.

One of my design decisions was, that there aren’t quest markers and no obvious information, what you’re supposed to do next. There’re entire locations and many content, that could stay hidden to you, if you take the wrong decisions. If you want to explore the full scale of the mod, you’ll have to take your time and listen to the characters and look very carefully. If you want to rush through content and grab a few new weapons, this mod most likely is not the right one for you.

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Special thanks,

goes to Sascha Brandstätter aka der Metzger. With him I’ve started to create this mod back in 2010 and he is responsible for major parts of it. The areas Claw Peak, Arid Creek and Bowietown were mainly designed by him, but he influenced many other areas as well. He retired a while ago, but this mod wouldn’t have happened without him. If you’re interested to know more about how this project evolved, read the story behind the mod article.