Q: What are the update plans for the mod?

A: I’ve tried my best to create a mod, that is free of bugs and without unfinished content. There is of course always room for improvements. But if you ever want to release a mod, you have to draw a line and say, OK that’s it. I know it’s not perfect, but that’s all I could do with my spare time. I’ve still plenty of ideas in mind to extend this mod and there is interest in developing this ideas. Eventually I will get to that, but I won’t make promises. Hopefully I will slowly and constantly update the mod, but only future can tell if there is more to come.

Q: My game crashes after the Endslides / I’m stucked after the Endslides. What should I do?

A: One of your mods changes the End-Quest of Honest Hearts. Try to use the Skip Zion ESP (813 downloads) .

Q: I have strange graphical issues, missing meshes/textures or similar. What’s wrong?

A: Follow the installation description and make sure you haven’t reached the mod limit and that your PC fullfills some basic hardware requirements. I think at least 4 gb ram are mandatory to play the mod.

Q: Should I start a new game to play this mod?

A: Definitely not. You can install this mod without any issues at any time during your playthrough and it will not cause any side-effects.

Q: Where can I find the Trapper Floyd?

A: Find him in Zion National Park a bit west from the East Fork Bridge.

Q: Is this compatible with Tale of Two Wastelands?

A: Sure it is. I’m using it too.

Q: Are there any compatibility issues with other mods or DLCs?

A: No, this mod was created without a single record change to the main-game. This means, it will be compatible with any mod. It changes, however, a three records in the DLC Honest Hearts and a few dialogues from it. Nonetheless most mods for Honest Hearts should work fine with my mod.

If you don’t end in the location of my mod after the Honest Hearts Endslides, then most likely one of your mods overwrite one of the following records:
– Quest record: NVDLC02Ending
– Script record: NVDLC02NarratorScript

If you can’t travel to Zion or back to Salt Lake, then most likely this record was overwritten:
– Door record: NVDLC02ZionDoor

There are also a few changes to dialogue lines, that were necessary to have a consistent storyline.

Q: Does this mod have impact on my game performance?

A: No, there is zero impact on the game performance. I’ve added no new effects or large textures and my scripts are very clean. There are no permanently running background scripts. Every script is only played when needed and all quests are only started and ended when required.

Q: How long will it take to finish this mod?

A: I’ve developed this mod without a main-story and the different quests depend on your choices. Also it depends on how much you like to explore new areas. So, it’s difficult to give a general statement here.

Q: What is the best load order?

A: It doesn’t matter, but it should be loaded after the Maingame and Honest Hearts.

Q: Can I help to develop this mod?

A: This mod is actually completed, but if you’re interested to improve certain areas, add content to them or even add entire new regions, please contact me by email and maybe we can find a way to make this possible.

Q: What are the requirements to play this mod?

A: You need a legal copy of Fallout: New Vegas and the official DLCs Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road.