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Installation and Download:

For easy update process, I’ve excluded the ESM file, from the assets. So, they’re separate downloads. You’ll also need the Various Meshes Resources. For information about what is the latest ESM version, always check the current changelog first. If you find any other bugs or issues not noted there, please let me know by mail, so I can fix them.

As alternative you could download the same files on Nexus Mods as well.

All files must be copied into your Fallout: New Vegas data folder.

Please search your fallout.ini for the line:
bForceFullLOD=0 and set it to bForceFullLOD=1
This is important to display the used speedtrees in this mod correctly.

I’ve decided, that I would use a type 3 conform body type as default for the custom armors. If you prefer the vanilla armor body type, you can download the provided extra ESP (776 downloads) . This makes the type 3 armors not buyable or lootable.

Some people despise Honest Hearts or maybe simply don’t have time to play through it again. For these people I’ve decided to add a Skip Zion ESP (813 downloads) file. Just activate it and you will get ported to the Mod starting place without the need to complete Honest Hearts first. After you got there, you can delete/deactivate the ESP again.

Please note, that English is not my native language, so pardon grammar errors or if some words will sound strange to your ears. I’ve done my best to provide a good language. Also, sometimes it will happen, that ambient sounds still play after you left the worldspace, or that you see floating gras appearing over the ground. Both are engine issues and can be fixed by entering an interior, save and reload. Another issue you might notice is about the visual appearance of the travelmap. Your vehicle can only show in 4 directions, so this looks a bit odd, if you’re sloping. Also, it could look like your car is floating above objects sometimes.