Arid Creek Arid Creek is a small outpost of the Waste Trek Company, inviting travelers to rest for a night and warm their souls with Maria’s Wasteland Chilli.
Bonneville Flats This area is flat, not just plain, but really flat. A vast desert of sand and salt as far as the eyes can see. The Cafe of Broken Beans is just in the right spot there to get a sip of Roentgen Rum and a can of Jimmy’s Best.
Bowietown A bustling little town that is well protected and offers everything you need for a living.
Canaan Ruins Only bones and ruined houses have remained of the once great town of New Canaan. It is said that the lost souls of those murdered are still wandering among the ruins.
Carter Ranch The Carter Ranch has been around for many hundreds of years. The farm has never been abandoned and nobody messes with the Carters.
Claw Peak A secluded valley in the mountains. It is said that there used to be a secret research lab here.
Crow Canyon The old road through the Crow Canyon used to lead to a large factory right next to the Salt Lake. Today, the road leads nowhere.
Frozen Creek Mountain Storms often roam this area and there is really no reason why someone would want to visit this place.
Lost Valley An abandoned swamp deep in the mountains. There is really no reason to travel there.
Mickey’s Motors This outpost is led by a group of ghouls. There you can find weapons and ammo, a free sleeping space, and Kenny is one of the best technicians in the wastelands.
Rum Rock There used to be a productive gold mine here, but it was abandoned years ago. Now the houses are abandoned and decayed.
Stansbury Bay In the past, the small harbor was used for crossing the salt lake, but after the fall of New Canaan only a few travelers visit this place.
Toxicton Mysterious poisonous clouds fog the ruins of Salt Lake City. No one knows what horrors are hiding there.
Twin Falls This town lies next to a river with fresh and clean water. The town has an idiosyncratic social concept that doesn’t allow possessions for individuals.
Wendover This town is a shithole, that houses every imaginable scum. Some say there is no law at all in Wendover.