Voice Actors

One word of appreaciation before I present the list of all these great people, who contributed with their voices and their passion to this mod. All of them did stunning work in bringing the characters to life and giving each of them something special. Without them this mod would only be a shadow from its current state.

However, there are 3 guys, that really deserve an extra mention. This is James McGovern, who was a big help during the progress of voicing the mod and contributed some great characters. Jeff Werden, the Narrator, who contributed so many great and fantastic lines in professional quality without any charge, that it left me speechless and finally Alex Cain, who helped me a lot in correcting language issues in the dialogues.

List of voice actors in alphabetic order:

Name: Roles:
Alex Cain Mickey, Joe
Annie Russell Louise Carter
Austin Daniel S “Malastrome15” Kenny, Frank the Butcher
Austin Nixholm Little Joe
Blake Rogers Ukatch, Tom Carter
Brad Westra “VoiceFromTheAttic” Mr. Bowie, Montgomery Gater, Marti the Fly, Bone-Eater Murdock
Brodie Marshall Yossarian, Cooper, Hank
Carolyn Potts  Sanshi, Rachel, Specialist Mai Ti
David Hutchison “Chosen of Mystra” Lucky, Joseph, Guards, Maxton
Dearbhla Klue Gina the Wild, Arina, Cat, Madame Janine
Dillon Stanco Barkat
Doelove Arkas, Bob
Emma Caraher Sarina, Tess, Mrs. Buckner, Yade
Erin B. Lillis Malani, Maria, Perla; Hookers, Lara
Ernest Henry Feng, Goliath, Tarok, Callahan
Eumann Spedane Ray
GottaLoveTheClassics Torian
Grace-Ann Johnson Amber, Shani
HeyItzDragon Jennsen
Ignisdragon Angie
Jackson Ashworth Lenny
Jacob Neal Hetfield
JamesMcGovern “TheDemonJackal” Niko, Scotty, Tom Butcher, Langceng, Mr. Maso, Julien, The Toddler
Jeff Werden Old McHenry, Elroy, Floyd, Narration, Mr. Carter
Johnwatson62 Ronny
Jordan Rudolph Natasha, Vanessa, Sissi
Joy Ruan Anna, Rosa Carter, Jeanna, Gloria
Lucas Webley Flannigan, Hardcourt
Kat_Avarice Sulbik
Khobis Katzemuh, Mike
KyoShinya Marduk, Nate the Bat, Kahless, Snake, Jared, Big Mike, Jimmy the Nose
Marcel Langjahr Johnny
Matyas Job Gombos “OldManCricky” Elliot, Ben, Duke
Mc Strelok Jackie, Larry the Brain
McHenry Hardcastle, Fred, Wolf Castinger, Littlefield, Peppo
Mettabrawn Sprout, Butters, Tuby
Morgan Jessi Thomas “Taiga” Norah
Michael Waite Uncle Sam
PatSH150 Tommy, Kratok, Smike
Paul Warren Mr. Danton
RangerBoo Angela Bowie, Amy, Brooke
Sascha Brandstätter “Der Metzger” Tucker
SeraphimDreams Biter, Jefferson
TechCrazy80 Doc McCoy, Rudger, Bob
Tiffany Witcher Vo Nana
Tom Resnick Toaster Jackson, Mephisto